Calling young Aucklanders: Make your voice heard

Manurewa Youth CouncilEngagement on the draft plan is now in week five out of eleven, and I’m challenging more young people to get involved by speaking up.

It’s awesome to see twenty-somethings, gen Ys and teens getting involved in the debates on the draft Auckland Unitary Plan.

A surge of comments supporting the draft Unitary Plan has hit social media as a counter-response to the views of people labeled as ‘NIMBYs’ (Not in My Back Yard).

It’s clear people are getting frustrated with some of the one-sided views and ongoing negative comments being made on things like apartments as a housing option – It’s definitely getting a lot of people active.

It seems the opinions of us younger Aucklanders aren’t often reported in traditional media, but they are definitely being seen online and council is hearing them loud and clear.

Change is needed. Too many young people face being priced out of their neighbourhoods because there isn’t the choice of different types and prices of homes available.

Auckland’s younger population is critical to our city’s future.  If they decide Auckland doesn’t work for them, there is nowhere suitable to live, and it doesn’t deliver the lifestyle they want to lead, they don’t stick around and hope things might change – they get on a plane and leave.

What they want is pretty simple, homes that suit their budget, age group and lifestyle, in places that make it easy for them to get to work or uni and not too far away from where the action is – restaurants, skate parks, bars, shops, the gym or whatever they are into.

Have your say!


Michael Goudie – Councillor


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